Maestro Javier Alvarez Palomar
His work constantly commands the attention of the viewer, be it a powerful life-sized figure drawing or a more refined portrait. Rarely is an artist so adept at capturing with such directness of expression, the emotional qualities of the subject. His drawings, paintings and sculptures transcend the mere understanding and application of the formal elements of art and anatomy by amazingly conveying the complexities of attitude and spirit.
Alvarez uses his figurative work as a means of sharing his dreams and emotions rather than merely giving textbook renditions of the human form.
Maestro Alvarez earned his bachelor of Fine Arts and two Masters Degrees in drawing and painting from the State University of California at Long Beach. His inspirations as an artist have been the great masters Rembrandt, Rubens, Michelangelo and to a lesser degree the Mexican muralists. During a visit to his studio gallery, international renown Mexican master, Raul Anguiano, marvels at Alvarez’ ability by commenting, “No one draws like that anymore!’
Maestro Alvarez teaches jam-packed classes in drawing, painting and sculpture at Fullerton and Saddleback Colleges plus at the Laguna Canyon Studios in Laguna Beach.